Monday, November 16, 2009

Harker Canyon winter camping

once again it was time to get out of the house and spend some time in the hills. We headed back to where we went a couple weekends ago but this time to do some camping. In our groups email correspondence it the trip was often referred to as Beer, Guns and Campfire. All three were the essence of the trip. Started out Saturday afternoon around 1 into the teeth of the winters first snowstorm we soon saw one of the storms casualty's between Tooele and Stockton.

4 door long bed ford had rolled off the side of the road. 30 minutes later the snow fall had abated and we were coming up to the dirt road to head up Harker canyon.

Quickly airing down we headed up the trail. This is the Trail Trailers second trip out and it did great, tracked perfect and everything stayed dry. Soon we got to our campsite and set up a windbreak between Masons Jeep and mine and put up some awnings to protect from the driving wind.
Pretty nice view out over Vernon.


 We all slept in our Jeeps and I checked the weather station close to where we camped. It showed a low of 1* overnight, but about 7:45 Saturday night it showed a windchill of -17*!!!! That was when we were having dinner served up by Mason of some good BBQ Steak and French bread. Morning came and once again I was the first up so I got coffee and a fire going and once all of the lazy bums woke up cooked some breakfast burritos and started shooting at some targets we brought up. after that it was time to head down the canyon and make our way home on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Riding the Hills South and West of Vernon

Tacoma, Roger and I needed to get out, so we took a little ride on Saturday in the hills South and West of Vernon. Had a great time, found some nice places to camp, and rolled some fun trails. Plenty of trails to run and numbered thanks to the Forest Service.

After some good climbing, and tight switchbacks, came to a dead end. Good point to stop and check out the scenery. Sort of the first snow run of the year. Well, a little snow.

Looking to the east.

We had some really tight spots. Plenty of new trailstriping. Fullsize? Don't even try it. We wound up in a couple spots too tight for my XJ and Rogers ZJ.

Roof rack seems to help collecting stuff...

Its not a good run if you ain't got some striping... Most should buff out. But the scrub oak took its toll on us today.

Headframe for the mine up Harker canyon (got to hike up a bit next summer and visit it)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nelsons peak - Take 2

Last Friday I met up with Mason to head up to Nelsons peak, The plan had originally involved my friend Tacoma as well but he called out sick, So with Willy and Lilly our dogs we headed up to nearby Bates canyon and started hoofing it up the trail. The temperatures were perfect for hiking and we soon found ourselves amid fallen gold and red leaves and the loamy scent of fall. We made our way to some old buildings that I had passed on my way down on the last attempt to the peak and did a little exploring. One building had burnt some time in the past and had totally fallen down would have been about 30 X 30 with a tipped over outhouse nearby, across the trail was a half fallen building covered partially with talus from the hillside and then a mostly intact tar paper shack that at one point had a glass window and a stove and electric lights. We decided with the temps dropping quickly that we would set up camp here and just enjoy ourselves by the fire.
Setting up camp was easy for me I just laid the bivy out on a little hill and stuffed my sleeping bag inside. Mason started setting up his tent only to find that he had packed his summer 1 person tent that was all screen and would hold in no heat. He opted to roll his tarp around his bag like a bivy. Once camp was set we started searching for firewood, my new Gerber machete came in very handy cutting up larger logs (very happy with the purchase). We found a couple of stools in the shack next to us and sat around the fire BS'ing drinking a little Vodka and Spiced Rum and turned in around 1030?

After a goon nights rest we had breakfast and put on our day-packs for the trip to the top. We both started out fresh and the dogs were having a grand time running up and down the trail. Soon we were within spitting distance of the talus field at the bottom of Nelsons peak. My back had started twinging a while back and with the daunting climb ahead I knew it would only get worse. After being out of commission for the last month due to back problems I decided it would be best to throw in the towel so I didn't hurt myself any more.
Heading down went much quicker and soon we were grabbing our packs from where we had hidden them near the old buildings and down the trail we went. Soon we were back at the Jeeps and had a beer to top off the trip.
End result we didn't make it to the top but it was still a great trip. Gotta pick another route next time and see how it goes :).. I will make it to the top of this thing one day HEHE.