Friday, March 27, 2009

Melville sucks.. Betterworldbooks.. rather cool

ok.. So in the last 5 days I read Moby-Dick by Herman Melville. First off I would like to take a moment to say that it should never have been standard practice to pay writers per word rather than based on sales and such.. anyhow Moby-dick is not a bad story but it is noticeable that he was writing to fulfill the need to make more $$.. the book could have seriously been 1/4 the length and been just as good.. Really I don't need to have it explained to me 4 different ways what the tail of a sperm wale looks like :)

Oh and if you want to buy a book online check out
1. they have free shipping if you are not in a hurry - usually a week out
2. seriously good prices (I don't mind owning a used book)
3. I don't want to support barns and noble all of the time :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

High Def Range Photos and a new lens

Well Saturday I was supposed to go Caving but one of they guys I was going with (the one leading the crew) begged off due to a injured rib. Then I was going to go explore some mines on Sat morning but I slept in due to getting home at 2Am from the Opera and then having drinks at the Red door (Gin and Tonic is great). anyhow I decided I had to do something outside so before it rained today I went out into the gusting winds to take some pictures.

Using my new 50MM lens (I don't have to borrow my wifes anymore) I shot some range photos and some clouds. Then I brought them home and decided to edit them up a bit... This Wiki how shows a great software and some basic steps on how it is done.

Anyhow here are some pics... my only regret is not cleaning my lens before going out :(

Friday, March 13, 2009

Time Machine?

So I found the Magazine in the basement while I was searching for something to read. I remember "Borrowing" it from the Dr office when I was having my boys disconnected last year(or one of the appointments related to it I was there 3 times). I borrowed it because it had an article in it about Belize. I never did have a chance to read it until recently as I had forgotten that it was even around. Anyhow as I am reading the article some of the facts in there seemed a little odd to me.

-- A little background here, in 2000 I spent a month in Belize doing an archeological dig at a site called Baking Pot - Just 20 minutes ride from Cahl Pech Village where we stayed - I was working with a group called BVAR (Belize Valley Archeological Reconnaissance)under the auspice of the Minister of Archeology one Jamie Awe. (one day I will write out this adventure in full but not today)--

As I was reading it stated that Dr Awe had been working on the caves in the area for 15 months.. wait when I was there he had been at it for 2 years and I am sure they are still at it - (I know I checked their website) - Then the pictures of Dr Awe and Caroline Audit (His girlfriend and the lead on the site I was working) didn't show them to have aged even a little bit. Hey he is wearing a shirt I know he wore when I was down there. Finally it dawned on me and I looked at the date on the Mag.. well it was a mag from 2001 but it is in pristine condition.. how was I to know?
Some Pics for you:

Once I finished reading about Belize I came upon some other articles and in one of them they were talking about Jedidiah Smith redwood forest in northern CA, they also referenced Crescent city CA. and it got me thinking about my honeymoon right in that neck of the woods. That was a great trip that I will go into later but it is odd how a mag that you find out of time bringing back memories of other times.
Here are some pics of the redwoods for you :)