Sunday, March 22, 2009

High Def Range Photos and a new lens

Well Saturday I was supposed to go Caving but one of they guys I was going with (the one leading the crew) begged off due to a injured rib. Then I was going to go explore some mines on Sat morning but I slept in due to getting home at 2Am from the Opera and then having drinks at the Red door (Gin and Tonic is great). anyhow I decided I had to do something outside so before it rained today I went out into the gusting winds to take some pictures.

Using my new 50MM lens (I don't have to borrow my wifes anymore) I shot some range photos and some clouds. Then I brought them home and decided to edit them up a bit... This Wiki how shows a great software and some basic steps on how it is done.

Anyhow here are some pics... my only regret is not cleaning my lens before going out :(

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Tana said...

I was wondering why you were at home when I came by Saturday. Nice pictures. Hope you get some great pictures this weekend!