Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fatty is off the couch

So I have finally really gotten into the habit of working out. in the last month I have been at the Gym an average of 5 days a week, 3 Days a week I have been doing 50+ minutes on the recumbent bike, 3 Days a week I have been doing the Spartacus workout, 2 Days a week straight weights (yes some of these happen on the same day) and recently I added a long workout of some kind on Sundays. All of this to A. get in better shape and get rid of at least some of my Gut and B. start running with my wife, hell she is willing to go backpacking with me I may as well try running with her. That brings me to today I just finished a 3 mile run in 40 minutes. The Down part to all of this working out is that I haven't lost a single pound.. I have in fact gained 5 lbs since the start of the year.. I have dropped 3% of my body fat though...

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year...

So it is a new year and with new years often come new things.. my new year is drowning in new things;
  • Going back to school, just 6 credits of online courses but it is odd being back in school after so long
  • RC cars, so my wife got me a cool SC10 RC car for christmas, I immediately broke it but that is better now and I want to get to the track to play around
  • Working out religiously.. Started doing the Spartacus workout from Mens Health as well as tons of cardio and weights and watching what I eat - So far the mix is having good results :)
  • Brewing beer, Just finished a beer called Black & Tan (supposed to taste like a mixed Black and Tan), its in bottles now waiting on carbonation to happen so I can drink it.. Next up is a Recipe I got called the Dugway Divot (an American Brown)
  • S&S Adventures slowed down a bit due to lack of advertising and pushing it as Sam has been up in the air about living in PX or not.. looks like that is 99% now so we are moving forward again with my friend Mason as a contractor :)
  • Winter Sucks.. it really does I don't like the smog, snow and cold.. I want to go out and do things without tons of clothes on - that said
  • we have the guys winter trip planned for the Middle of February to go visit Indian Ruins in the 4 corners area of Utah
  • I am sure there is more but that's all my brain can come up with.. So much planed for when the weather turns into something other than crap. - oh and work on the Scout is stalled again.. big surprise hu