Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year...

So it is a new year and with new years often come new things.. my new year is drowning in new things;
  • Going back to school, just 6 credits of online courses but it is odd being back in school after so long
  • RC cars, so my wife got me a cool SC10 RC car for christmas, I immediately broke it but that is better now and I want to get to the track to play around
  • Working out religiously.. Started doing the Spartacus workout from Mens Health as well as tons of cardio and weights and watching what I eat - So far the mix is having good results :)
  • Brewing beer, Just finished a beer called Black & Tan (supposed to taste like a mixed Black and Tan), its in bottles now waiting on carbonation to happen so I can drink it.. Next up is a Recipe I got called the Dugway Divot (an American Brown)
  • S&S Adventures slowed down a bit due to lack of advertising and pushing it as Sam has been up in the air about living in PX or not.. looks like that is 99% now so we are moving forward again with my friend Mason as a contractor :)
  • Winter Sucks.. it really does I don't like the smog, snow and cold.. I want to go out and do things without tons of clothes on - that said
  • we have the guys winter trip planned for the Middle of February to go visit Indian Ruins in the 4 corners area of Utah
  • I am sure there is more but that's all my brain can come up with.. So much planed for when the weather turns into something other than crap. - oh and work on the Scout is stalled again.. big surprise hu

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