Friday, February 20, 2009


So the girls and I decided to take up a new activity Geo caching. since I just got a new GPS (Rino 530) I decided that I should use it and that it would be a good thing to go do with the girls as I was sure that Kahlan would enjoy the treasure hunt aspect of it!.
So I got onto and found some local caches here in Tooele and headed out to see what we could see. The first cache was on the Stockton bar at the top on the west side. The trek up to it in the Jeep was a mudbath that we ended up sliding sideways and spinning 360 degrees at one point. Kahlan was loving it and Danny was fast asleep.
Once at the general area we got out of the truck and slogged our way through sagebrush and mud to the cache. We traded a my little pony hair brush for a little police car that Kahlan gave to Danny when she woke up.
There was to be another cache on the road down but we failed to find it :(. Then we headed over near the Stockton cemetery and found 2 more Caches where Kahlan got a "Got God" Pink Bracelet and a little plastic lizard :)(We left a valentines eraser and a butterfly hair clip and I left business cards at each one ).
We attempted to find 2 other caches on the way home that were supposed to be just on the side of the road but I think that road cleaning crews have taken them or something.
No pics this time out maybe when I am not covered with mud I will get the camera out the next time.

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