Monday, August 10, 2009

Adventures in hair cutting

So Saturday I thought I would go to the new Dollar Cuts here in town to get one of their grand opening day $1 haircuts. Upon arrival I decided that it wasn't worth it to wait 1.5 hours just to get my ears lowered so I drove over to Super Cuts.
When I pulled in to park the car to the right of me was parked directly on the line and the car to the left was parked with his rear end into the parking spot I was going in. So I parked dead center between them totally between the lines (no other choice). I then proceed in and get an immediate seat in the cutting chair. The girl cutting my hair had just gotten my order (1 on the sides and barely enough to comb over on the top) when a woman barges in and yells to everyone in the store "Who owns the Blue Jeep parked out here?" I turn slightly and say "Thats mine" She in turn demands "You need to move it you parked too close to me and I can't get in my car". I don't like that she can't even ask nicely so I reply "No" flabergasted she walks towards me "What did you say?" "No, I don't feel like moving it" I reply. She goes on for a few minutes about how rude I am and then tells me again to move my Jeep "No, I'm sorry you can't get in your car but it is not my problem". (yes I am being stubborn at this time and two wrongs don't make a right but it has become a annoyance to be commanded by this woman who has yet to speak nicely and I have made sure that my tone is totally neutral).

My Stylist asks what she should do and I tell her its not her problem and just continue (this probobly led to my bad haircut). The Lady at this point starts telling me that she has friends in the Highway patrol and she knows lots of people I replied with "If the Highway patrol gives me a ticket for parking between the lines I will be very surprised have a good day". She then leaves and proceeds to ... Wait... Wait... Get in her car through the door she said she couldn't get in through.

About 5 minutes later her husband walks into the store asking for the guy who was driving the Jeep and wouldn't move. I replied "that would be me" He starts going off on me on how I was rude to not move so she could get in etc I replied "well it looks to me like she got in the car and drove off without a problem so why are you here?" He continued to rant for a little while and then stormed out.

In the end it was a interesting experience and my haircut sucked (glad my hair grows fast). hint for those reading this someday you may run into someone who will be just as stubborn as I am so start off by asking nicely instead of yelling and demanding things from people.

Have a great day :)

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