Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trail Trailer

So last February I picked up the ass end of a 87 2door Jeep Cherokee from my friend Roger and decided it would make a good trail trailer and something different. Basically I wanted something that I could tow behind the jeep on long offroad trails to carry my camping equipment and extra fuel.. well in the end this will do it. It is running 33X9.5R15 tires (close enough to what is on the Jeep that I can use the Jeeps spare on there if I need to), has capacity for 20 gallons of fuel with its own fuel pump to facilitate transfer of fuel, it will have 20 gallons of onboard water storage and basically will make it so I can take the whole family on long offroad trips.. Here are the pics from day 1 to today..

1 comment:

Roger said...

I like how this turned out. Look forward to seeing it in action!