Sunday, July 18, 2010

Solo Backpacking into the Stansburys

Saturday morning just after breakfast I headed up to the Stansburys to hike to Deseret Peak and then over to South Willow Lake to spend the night. The hike was very interesting as I passed at least 3 groups of Boy Scouts panting and complaining, one lone Boy Scout (all he knew was that his troop was ahead of him) that had some serious blisters on his heels that I gave him some duct tape for, and a group of hikers from Wasatch Mountain Club. Once at the summit I texted to my wife that I was there and then moved on after a quick meal of Peanut Butter and granola bars. I continued North and visited some other peaks then dropped down to the trail that heads towards South willow Lake. I set up camp and enjoyed the solitude of the area and the various wildlife. After a few hours of interrupted sleep I woke to rustling and a scream, I quickly turned on my headlamp to see the final take-down of a fawn by a cat no more than 30 feet from me. I lay there with my light trained on the Cat as he finished off the fawn and drug it to some nearby trees and began his feast all the while watching me watch him. As quietly as I could I packed up my pack and worked my way around the lake away from him and headed back to civilization as there was no way I was going back to sleep at this point even though it was 4AM.  All in all it was a great trip and very tiring.. here are the pics I got.. and no I don't have pics of the cat from this morning :P - The visit from the Cat looked something like the GIF image at the bottom