Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still Trying to save the world.. and a buck :)

So yesterday I installed a Clothes line in the basement (well 5 lines across the room) to help cut electric costs for drying clothes and also add some humidity to the house.. while I was thinking about humidity I got to thinking that in the winter Humidity is lower than the summer but with the cool temps the humidity from line drying wasn't going to help much as we would be using the dryer (unless we want our clothes dry in the next 2 weeks HEHE) so I figure that if I were to do some routing of the dryer vent into the heating system (with some filters of course) that I could use the Heat and Humidity from the dryer in the house instead of wasting it into the great outdoors...
--More thinking and planning needs to be done on this but I think it will work.
Finally got a Fan installed in the Kitchen and now the main level of the house doesn't seem too be quite as hot as it was before (now I can run the AC at 79 during the day and be comfortable :))
That is all for now

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