Friday, August 8, 2008

Pony Express (Foust to Eureeeeeka)

This is the short version as people have asked for pics Sam, Mason and I each took 1 dog and 1 child with us and ran 475? Miles of dirt road on the Pony express route last weekend.
We started out on Thursday afternoon and hot tailed it over to Gold hill to set up camp 1

Tried a little trail side seal fix (didn’t work)

We got up Friday morning loaded up and headed for the unknown. Our goal was Ruby Valley

Shortly after going through the town of Ibapah we saw our first PE marker of the new trail

as well as an old cabin

Shortly there after we crossed on to the reservation. Unknown to us this sign is not just a “stay on the road” sign. It means STAY OUT. coming home we ran into the law. They were nice enough about our trespassing and said that as long as we call ahead they allow you to cross the reservation. I have the name and number if anyone ever heads out that way

We then came to the abandoned town of Tippett. Tippett was just about as cool a place as I have ever been.

about 20 miles past Tippett we hit the Stone house. Stone house is not on the PE but a very worth while stop

The entrance to Schellbourne

Random Llama

From Schellbourne it was a quick detour to Cherry Creek. Cherry creek was once a booming mining town, what remains is a run down community with one store, which is a Bar. We had ourselves some lunch and a beer

From Cherry Creek we got back on the PE and headed into Egan Canyon. This is when the road changed from a nice broad graded road to double track

Once through Eagan Canyon we ran into a 150 year old cemetery

We encountered a variety of terrain from this point… all of it stunning

Hit Camp 2 in the ruby valley camping above a wildlife refuge.

A little fun with a snake

Next morning we decided to head back home on Saturday rather than Sunday as originally planned

The wildlife refuge

Before heading home though we wanted to make our way over the pass and down into Eureka

After hitting Eureka it was paved road back to Schellbourne then back to dirt all the way to Faust beautiful sunset drive

Great time, Awesome trip, Good company.

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