Thursday, October 23, 2008

October... hmmm

So in a few weeks we will be voting for our new pres... at the same time we are in a major financial crisis in the US and around the world...
We have Obama who wants to .. Spread the wealth (Robin hood style)- I always thought we were a Democracy based on Capitalism not a bunch of socialists?. wants to get us out of Iraq (hmm another loss for Americas military?).. Is mr Hussain a a Natural born US citizen?

McCain SSDD.. Has a ditz for a running mate.. wastes 150K on clothes for her
Does Vote with Bush 90% of the time - not a good thing at all almost worse than not being a US citizen?

and who else is there to vote for? our mainstream media would have you think that no-one else is running. I mean no-one else got free add time for Debates.. probobly were not even invited? have you ever thought about this?
Charles O. Baldwin
Robert L. Barr, Jr.
Ralph Nader
Cynthia Ann McKinney

Are we just a country of people who are unable to think anymore? I don't know but I would put my money that most of the people will vote the way their "social group" tells them to.. be that church, their job or their friends (all of them got it from someone else I am sure).

Maybe we should just listen to Mr Carlin


So I have been reading and searching like a madman on forums and other places on the net about Coops, chickens etc and finally decided to build my own coop for my back yard :)..

In building the coop I had to stay under $100 including feeders light source and all the goodies..
I also had to make sure that it would be somewhat pleasing to the eye as I live in a residential neighborhood
it also needed to have the ability to withstand the different weather conditions that the state of Utah has to offer... COLD winters with a bit of snow and long periods of sub freezing temps, 100 degree plus summers.. strong wind storms sometimes upwards of 70MPH gusts.

I decided on a double decker design with the coop up top and a small run under it. I plan to have up to 6 Layers at one time (I will be starting with 4 hens that my Grandfather in Law has that are already laying I will get them on Saturday if all goes well with building and painting :) ) The dementions are 5 Feet tall total split in half for Run and Coop. The floorspace is 3 feet by 4 feet with 2 nesting boxes at this time.. will add another when I get more hens. behind the nesting boxes will be easy access ports so I can get eggs without risk of letting chickens out (and so my 3 going on 4 year old daughter can get them out too). There will be a number of Plexi glass windows and a couple of vents put in to maintain good airflow. Durring the winter I plan on putting Plastic around the bottom of the run to block off the cold winds and snow.

without further flapping my yap here are some pics of Said Coop - its not done yet but will be by this evening :)

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