Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Years ago when I was in Boy Scouts I got my first taste of spelunking in a cave called Horsetheif in Wyoming. I knew then that underground was a great place to be and have wanted to go back since. Here are some pics of Horsetheif

Recently I had the opportunity to go caving again and I jumped on it. I had to pick up some ascension gear and in the end a new harness (I guess I have gained some size in the last 10 years). Anyhow on Monday the 19th I met up with 3 guys Jeff, Jon and Dan and headed up to Spanish Moss cave. The initial hike in was a nice uphill stroll in 6degree weather to get warmed up for the ascent to the cave. we had to trudge up a 45* slope in knee high snow for about a 1/3 of a mile to reach the entrance. even this did not lessen my spirits for the adventure to come!.

Once at the entrance we all geared up and began rappelling into the cave. The first section of rappel is through a corkscrew for about 20 feet then to a rope change and then down into the main cavern about 150? feet of free rappel.

next some exploring, getting down the main slope about 150 feet of steep slick muddy rock face VIA rappel.

Then for some features :)

The ascent up the slope was a hand over hand with the rope ascenders and then up the rope we went out the same rope we dropped in with going using a "frog" ascension system a real full body workout.

As we came out blinded by the sun to a beautiful view and no inversion:)

now just to get out there and do it again :)


Crystal said...

That was a lot for one post! I like it. You look like you have a ton of fun! Are you still going to apply for that job?

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of this trip. You an I need to hit this cave!

Tana said...

I am glad it was you! I can tell you had fun. I really could not do it.