Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mine Exploration

So the Saturday prior to going into Spanish Moss cave I had the opportunity to join with a group called Mojave Underground and attend a Photography workshop - A underground Photography workshop to be exact. That meant going into a local Mine and taking some photos :).

I invited my friend Sam to come along even though he is not much of a Photog at least he would enjoy the underground experience:)

So Sam came over to my place at about 11 AM on Saturday and we loaded up our gear in my Jeep and headed south to the area around Ophir Utah (about 25 minutes south of my house). We got there early so we could pop off a few shots with our 9MM's, the 44Mag and my little 380Auto drop gun my friend gave me saying that it didn't work (well if he would have cleaned it and oiled it with something other than 90W maybe it would have worked for him HEHE)

We finally met up with the Mojave group at 1 and went up to the main Ophir mine (never did get another name for it - I later found out that my Gpa Harold's brothers used to work in that mine. After BS'n for a few Sam and I went and explored some of the nearby buildings and the old hardware that was in them (I hadn't grabbed my camera yet but next time I am out there I will for sure as there were some great old relics - even an old drill press).
Soon we all lined up and headed into the Mine. we were in there for around 5 hours seeing many really interesting things from Blue green water, underground lakes, old hardware, nifty crystals and some scary bridgework and undermining there-of. all told it was a great time that went by way too fast. The only downfall to the experience was that they did not get into how to do things very much but given the opportunity to try what they were doing I learned how to take pics underground anyhow :)
Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

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Anonymous said...

Nice write up. I like that third pic down, oh and that sure is a hansome guy in the 4th pic :)