Saturday, April 25, 2009

Green Eyed Monster

So today I had the chance to explore a cave called the Green Eyed Monster. This is a cave that was found by a mine that mined right through it. Due to the wet and TIGHT nature of the entrance and other sections of the cave I did not take my camera in with me so no pics other than the maps :)

Most people don't get to go into this cave as it is on private property and the owners can be kinda.. finniky but I got in with a group that got the OK to go in so off we went.. to get to the entrance of the cave you head up Ophir canyon and park at the lot just before the first river crossing. from there you hike the south face about .65 of a mile up 65degree slopes of loose scree and talus to the entrance. The entrance is the modified entrance to the mine and is a 2 foot steel culvurt at a 45 degree angle down about 12 feet and then you have to shimmy through a triangle shaped entrance in the rock that is well.. SNUG for 5 feet or so. all of this is done while sliding in mud.

Once in you are walking down the main shaft of the mine. most of the shaft has 2-3 inches of water on the floor and you can see the rotting steel rails just under the water. after about 200 feet or so back you come to the main haulage tunnel on the left and from there another 100 feet to the climb into the un-mined cave area shown in the maps. you enter the cave from the mine into the Medusa room.

it was really cool inside with some very tight squeezes in places and some nice features.. next time I go in I will have a small waterproof camera so I can get some pics :)

EDIT: Found some pics others took so here they are

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