Saturday, April 4, 2009

An Aborted trip to run HITR Trail

Day one.. Drove 8+ hours and explored capitol reef all was good just a bit cold

Day 2. 12 + hours driven Started at 6:30 AM Drove to the Ferry from camp just off Notom road.. still cold. 3 minutes from the end of the ferry ride Kahlan Pee'd all over herself while in my seat with the window rolled down and me about 8 feet away. I cleaned up really quick and we drove on.. Kid being a pain in the ass for the most part... about 4:30 we are at the top of the wedge.. I get out to look at what has to be done come back and she Pee'd all over herself and her seat.. by this point I am done and say screw it.. turn around and leave the group and head back.. on the way back Kahlan pukes on herself and all over her seat.. Quick clean up and drive until dark. Stop in the middle of the trail and camp in a Jeep that smells of Urine and Puke.. Too cold outside to dry clothes or roll down windows..

Day 3. 11 hours driven wake at first light Drive to Ferry.. catch the 10 AM ferry and drive home. Just outside green river while slowing down on the ramp to I70 I hear a wallowing sound.. stop in green river for gas and look at my Drivers rear tire and I am missing a wheel stud and all of the lug nuts are at least 1/4 inch out.. so I tighten them up and drive home stopping every 70 miles to check the wheel..

in the end a very poor excuse for a trip :(
Some pics


Anonymous said...

sorry about that dude. That is no fun at all. where did you take the 4th and 5th pictures? I don't remember those

Scott said...

Capitol Reef area, Just at the glyph wall just east of the old schoolhouse in the middle of the park :)