Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Canoe

So I have been searching for a cheap Canoe for about a year and a half now and finally found one for $125 on KSL classifieds a couple of weeks ago. It was in Logan so I called the guy and asked him a lot of questions about 30 minutes of talking to him later I decided that I wanted it based on what he said. So I gave some $$ to my sister in law to go pick it up and I would figure out how to get it home later. Later ended up being about a week later and my sister and brother in law brought it down on the top of their Tahoe.

Unfortunately not all was how it was described to me. It was not "Sea worthy" and needed a bit of work. I set to work patching the bottom with Fiberglass resin, fiberglass cloth and JB weld. then I put a coating of roll on bed liner over the bottom and then Painted it green.

I fliped it over and got to work on the inside, a couple of fiberglass patches, some white paint and fixed the seats. then to straighten out the aluminum gunwales and it is ready for action :)... Some of this I am still working on but will be done in the next couple of days I will post pics of the finished product when I am done for now here are the pics that were posted in the ad as I didn't take any before pics.

Soon I will take this out on the lake for some fishing and then down a few smooth rivers!

Well the 99.999% finished pics are in.. I still need to install the seats but otherwise you get the Idea :)

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