Monday, April 12, 2010

Fifth water hot springs with the wife

The original plan was to do some backpacking this weekend with the wife but with the recent storms we didn't want to deal with a lot of mud so we decided to keep things light, hang out at home and do a hike. The hike ended up being a short jaunt to Fifth water hot springs up Diamond fork canyon. The road up the canyon had changed from when I was last there (more than 15 years) it is now paved all the way up with a nice parking lot. Anyhow it is a 2+ mile hike along the north side of the river from the trail-head to the hot springs.

View of the waterfall at the springs
the springs we were hanging out in
yep.. underwater photography.. there is a pipe that brings in the hot spring water to the tubs and this is a underwater pic of where it comes in

Hanging with the wife in the nice hot water

right before we left we decided to go to a cooler area and then get out.. unfortunately the other tub had a higher sulfur IE burny content so we got out rather quick.. anyhow it was a great time. Then we headed home stopping at outback steak house on the way home for some dinner (note: I hadn't eaten at outback before and I don't think I will again).

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