Saturday, April 17, 2010

First 5K

Back in January I agreed to run a 5K with my wife - she does enough things that I do I may as well try out something she likes was my thought process. So onward to 2.5 months of training starting with running about a mile at a time and getting shin splints every time finally to running a 5K on the treadmill the Tuesday before the race. The 5K I we ran was in conjunction with the Salt Lake City Marathon so there were a ton of people in attendance both to run the race and to watch. As we left the starting line I saw that my parents had shown up to support and all that stuff and then we were off. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting and I finished with a decent time (I was assuming a 32 minute time before the race) I ran the 5K in 29:05, 41 of 97 in my age group and 379 of 1836 people that ran.. Michelle ran 27:26 and was 17 out of 232 of her age group. we ended up standing on the mat for about 15 seconds though so I would say take 15 seconds of that time. After we ran the race we hung out and Kahlan ran her first race a 1K. she did a great job and really had fun so hopefully a good experience for her in the long run.

Yep I was sprinting the home stretch.. and killing myself at the same time

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