Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday morning hike to nowhere

Well not really nowhere, the intent was to go to a opening in the side of the mountain by Lakepoint that I have been wanting to go into for years. From I80 it looked like a decent mine opening with prospects of being somewhere to go in and explore. Unfortunately it was just a small test hole that went back about 8 feet. Sam Tacoma and Myself were all supposed to head out at 6 this morning but Tacoma pussed out at the last minute. I picked up Sam from his house and headed over to Lakepoint to start the hike. The wind brought the balmy 31 degree temps down dramatically as we walked into it along the train tracks. Anyhow here are some pics.. it was a good way to start the day no matter what and now I know when I look at that opening that nothing is there.
Interesting along a rock wall that we passed were a bunch of RR spikes stuck into the wall, There was also a Rock climbing bolt on the wall (not that I would have trusted that rusty beast)

The hole to nowhere.. really just a animal den now

Saw 6 head of elk up on the ridge here.. unfortunately I don't think my little camera has enough zoom

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Roger said...

Thanks Scott! Now I know there is nothing to see there, move along...