Saturday, June 12, 2010

RC cars are cheaper and quicker to fix than ribs

 it all started about 2 weeks ago when my wife started telling me that I was not allowed to get hurt prior to our week long trip to Vegas.. thus I went rock climbing for the first time in 10 years (led a 5.7 without a single fall). Then Saturday took my wife climbing the same route for her first climb ever.. and still no injuries.. Then we went to my in-laws and played with RC cars for a bit.. Well I ended up on the course where my brother in law was driving his RC and almost stepped on his car but instead decided to jump out of the way.. I did a beautifully controlled dive (as my wife and mother in law said) only to land in the most improper manner on my side with my fist between my ribs and the ground. Needless to say I heard a few pops and knew that something was wrong.. We left for Vagas on Sunday and I made sure to pack my 2 year old bottle of Hydrocodone and spent the week in sin city :).. came home and saw the doc yesterday.--2 cracked ribs and had 10 dislocated ribs--. needless to say I am mostly annoyed that I can't go running, climbing, hiking right now!

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