Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vagas - Second Honey moon and freedom from the twits

So on Sunday the 6th my wife and I headed to the Airport to try to catch a flight with Jet Blue on our free standby tickets that I had gotten from my friend Tacoma’s wife Tara. We were told when we signed in that it would basically be a cold day in hell if we got on in the next 3 days as they had been rolling standby passengers over for 4 days. Well we waited for our flight and didn’t get on so we rolled over to the flight later in the day.  To kill time we went up to the Blue Plate Diner and had a nice breakfast and then to Tanner Park for a short hike. We still had hours left to kill so off to REI to spend our dividend on some nice sandals for Michelle then to Memory grove to read and lay in the grass. All this time I am nursing my ribs BAH. Soon we were back at the Airport to find that we are #28 on the standby list on a flight that is overbooked- At this point we decided to just drive down.

The drive was uneventful and we arrived in Vegas at 1AM and set out to find a room for the night. After trying a few different places on Fremont Street we found a room at the Stratosphere – we ended up with a upgraded room due to them selling us a room they didn’t have but I still have to say the room was small but more than adequate.

Day 2
Monday morning rolled around and we had some overpriced coffee from the Starbucks in the casino and planned to use our free entry (part of having a room) to visit the observation deck but it was not open yet. On our way back to the room we got caught by one of what we would find later to be the many people trying to get suckers to go to Timeshare presentations with the lure of free stuff. We were lured in with tickets to a show, a free dinner, and tickets to the Observation deck (about a $150 value for a couple of hours that we had to kill anyhow).  We went to the observation deck with our free entry from having a room and watched a couple of people take the jump from the deck to the ground (I still wish I could blow $100 to do that jump – maybe next time). Then we headed down to do the presentation that was rather painful to sit through but worth $150.

We checked into my sister in laws timeshare around 4 after hitting up wally world to get some food and then hung out at the pool until we crashed.

Day 3
We basically did NOTHING but sit by the pool and drink. When I say basically that ignores the fact that we got suckered into another timeshare presentation at the timeshare we were staying at on the auspice that it would get my sister in law another 1000 points and us a $75 gift card.

Day 4Wednesday – my birthday we woke up and laid around at the pool and then went out for our planned night on the town. First we used a gift certificate we had to Applebee’s to have a nice lunch and then went and walked the strip. We checked out most of the strip with honorable mentions for the M&M shop, Excalibur (I still want to know how many larpers a year get kicked out), MGM and the lions, The flamingo and the flamingos, Bellagio and the gardens, and tons of people trying to give us handouts for “girls right to your room”. We then used our free dinner at the Diner in the Stratosphere (adequate but I wouldn’t pay to eat there), Checked out the observation deck again but this time at night to see the city lights then went to see a erotic vampire show BITE. All and all a good day.

Day 5
We again did nothing but lay by the pool

Day 6
We got up early and headed home –

Here are pictures 


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