Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rock Climbing - back at it

On Wednesday the 2nd for the first time in over 10 years I went rock climbing with my friend Tacoma - who you may remember from last years death hike 09. He also hadn't been climbing for at least 10 years as well so basically it was 2 old guys trying to relive the glory days HEHE. We went down to Ophir canyon just to the south of Tooele and climbed a route called 'poopy pants' a nice slabby 5.7 climb. Needless to say we both lead the route with very few problems and no falls. - hey after 10 years I think we did rather well.
On Saturday the 5th I was able to take my wife and little girls down and climb the same route. Michelle did a great job belaying for the first time while I lead the route. She then top roped the route for her first climb ever. She did a great job and I think she is even willing to go again YAY. After we both climbed a bit we put the girls on rope and let them climb up to almost the second bolt on the wall :) Well here are some pics from that day.. they suck as the sun was in the wrong position for good pics but something is better than nothing right :)

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